Choosing an Oakville Orthodontist That's Right for Your Child

It's never too early to explore braces for kids!

When your child begins to wiggle that first loose tooth around, it's only natural to wonder if her adult teeth will come in crooked or straight. One of the most challenging aspects of parenting is that you can't predict the future, and waiting to see how your child's adult teeth look can be an exercise in patience.

If you find yourself wondering if your child will need braces, you're not alone. It's a common question, and Dr. Grubisa is here to help you find the answers you are looking for. Even if your child is young, there is always something to be gained from an orthodontic consultation.

Kids' braces are a key part of overall good health

Orthodontic treatment for kids isn't just about helping them look good. When your child's teeth are crooked, they can become damaged more easily and lead to bigger problems later in life. For example, teeth that don't align properly and scrape over each other can cause discomfort while eating, and they can also become damaged and worn down over time.

Crooked teeth can also be harder to keep clean, and your child may have trouble brushing and flossing properly. The gums can also be damaged by teeth that are not properly aligned. There's even a link between periodontal disease and heart problems, so as a parent, it's crucial to make sure your child's teeth are straight, clean and well cared for.

It's easier to straighten kids’ teeth

It's no secret that most patients sitting in the chairs at orthodontists' offices across Canada are children and teens. That's because orthodontic treatment can correct a wider range of problems in kids than in adults. Teeth can be adjusted at any age, but children and teens are still growing, so their jaw bones and teeth are more pliable and the tooth movements are more predictable and faster. Because their teeth can be more easily repositioned, kids typically complete their teeth-straightening treatments in a shorter time period than adults do.

We know price is a concern for many families, and a shorter window of time for orthodontic treatment can save your family money in the long run. That means that childhood is the best time for orthodontics in more ways than one. If you're concerned about the cost, we're happy to discuss all of your payment options and work out a plan that's best for your budget.

We love working with kids!

If we didn't enjoy having an office full of children and teens, we probably wouldn't work at East Oakville Orthodontics! We love to make kids smile and watch them grow while they're in our care. We also work hard to teach them everything they need to know about brushing and taking good care of their teeth while they're correcting their smile, because we know these important lessons can lead to a lifetime of good oral health habits.

We want to help your child feel confident about their orthodontic treatment, so we offer a wide range of options. In addition to traditional metal braces, there are also less conspicuous ceramic options and clear Invisalign aligners. Of course, some kids love showing off their hardware, and we're happy to oblige with colored bands and other fun accessories.

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