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Helpful Links

Beyond the East Oakville Orthodontics website, there's a wealth of information about orthodontics online.

We feel that it's important for you to be as well-educated as you can about orthodontic treatment, which is why we thoroughly explain everything before, during and after the treatment we provide. But we know you'd feel even more comfortable about treatment if you've done some background reading before your complimentary consultation.

So, to help you find information that's trustworthy and relevant, we've provided a few helpful links below for you to explore. If you have any questions or concerns about what you learn on any of these websites, feel free to ask Dr. Grubisa at your consultation and she'll be glad to provide more context.

Canadian Association of Orthodontists

The CAO is the national organization and official voice for registered orthodontic specialists and is dedicated to the promotion of the highest standards of excellence in orthodontic education and quality patient care. Visit the Canadian Association of Orthodontics.

American Association of Orthodontists

The AAO is the world's largest organization for orthodontists. Visit the American Association of Orthodontists.

Ontario Association of Orthodontists

The OAO is the voluntary organization of certified orthodontic specialists in Ontario, whose mission is to serve the providers and recipients of specialty orthodontic care in Ontario. Visit the Ontario Association of Orthodontists.


Invisalign is the clear way to straighten teeth without braces, using aligners. Learn more about the clear aligners and what's new in this cutting edge technology. Our website has dedicated information about Invisalign® or visit the Invisalign® website.

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